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    Education is the foundation for empowering young people, and creating a better society.

    Welcome to CIDA Empowerment Trust

    THE CIDA EMPOWERMENT TRUST offers an innovative approach to investing in deserving young people through the awarding of tertiary education bursaries. Over the past 10 years, we have built an endowment from which we have provided university bursaries to over 1000 deserving South African students from poor communities, to study business degrees. Most of our beneficiaries have gone on to successful careers, thereby changing their lives for the better.

    The CIDA Empowerment Trust seeks to multiply the positive effects of quality education in low income communities, through a new strategic focus on the development of creative and effective teachers from those communities. The CIDA Empowerment Trust provides a full Teacher Development bursary package, which includes study costs for either a 4–year Bachelor of Education Degree, or a 2-year Post Graduate Certificate in Education, coupled with on-the-job Internships facilitated in well-resourced partner schools for the full duration of the university studies.


      • Quality teacher development will yield inspired teachers, the most significant component to producing quality students.

      • Inspired teachers will inspire students to strive for their fullest potential

      • Obtaining a degree in Education multiplies those benefits, giving rise to an enhanced culture of learning for all young people.

      • On the job training with motivated mentors, will impart best-practice methodologies to teachers, who in turn, will inculcate lifelong, motivated learning in future students.

    Success Stories

    Below are some of the success stories for some of the beneficiaries of the CIDA Empowerment Trust.

    Why you SHOULD partner with CIDA Empowerment Trust?

    Only 5% of South African families can afford to pay university fees. The reality behind South African students’ “Fees Must Fall” campaign is that of the actual inability of families to pay for tertiary education. CIDA Empowerment Trust is dedicated to turn that stark reality around through partnerships with organisations and investors dedicated to make a difference in African education. Partnering with CIDA Empowerment Trust gives a future of hope to deserving young people throughout South Africa.

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