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    The Social Investment / Meeting the Need

    The reality behind South African students' “Fees Must Fall” campaign is that of the inability of families to pay for tertiary education. South Africa's history of tertiary education has left behind the majority of the population. Even now, only 5% of South African families can afford to pay university fees.
    South Africa is experiencing an education crisis on several fronts. A recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), ranks South Africa amongst the worst in the world in quality of maths and science education. Further, in comparison with 143 countries, South Africa was ranked amongst the worst at 139th. Poor quality teaching coupled with shortage of teachers in the scarce skills of maths, science and the indigenous languages, are some of the multitude of factors contributing to the situation. Young people in South Africa today between the ages of 18 – 35, are finding themselves increasingly disenfranchised as a consequence of poor schooling. It is estimated that the employment levels amongst these young people is in the region of 50%. Most are unable to access tertiary education for reasons of either not meeting minimum requirements of entry, or because of lack of funding.

    The impact on society at large, of a non-performing education system, is well documented and cannot be ignored. It is well understood that South Africa's education system problems have their roots firmly in the Apartheid system. The CIDA Empowerment Trust has been established to enable access to quality tertiary education to indigent black students, thereby contributing to the upliftment of the historically disenfranchised.

    Through the provision of bursaries for the development of quality teachers in the scarce teaching skills of Maths, Science and indigenous languages, the CIDA Empowerment Trust contributes a dual solution to the problems of shortage of funding for tertiary education studies, and poor quality of basic education. Together with strategic associate partners, CIDA Empowerment Trust aims to grow the pool of Trust beneficiaries to 100 per annum, who will participate in an innovative Teacher Training & Development Programme.

    The main elements of the programme include:
    1. A rigorous recruitment process of students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, to identify deserving and committed students, dedicated to a career in teaching.
    2. Registration of participants in Bachelor of Education degree, or Post Graduate Certificate in Education programmes at reputable Higher Learning Institutions, with emphasis on Maths, Science and indigenous languages.
    3. Enrollment of participants in full-time internships with well-resourced secondary schools, to supplement university studies with practical on-the-job training and mentoring.
    4. On completion of their studies, facilitation of teaching employment especially in the Public School environment in disadvantage communities.
    To this end, CIDA Empowerment Trust provides full bursaries covering study costs for university studies, and mandatory internships in well-resourced partner schools, where students are placed in either Junior or Senior school teaching assistant positions for the duration of their studies. Each will receive ongoing support in their studies to meet identified needs and enhance their practical learning experience. Support will be holistic, providing tailored interventions assisting students in the complexities of life in the higher education institutions, and enhancing the education degree with exposure to best practice.

    The Support Programme will include:
    • Life Skills Workshops & Psycho-Social Support
    • Special Needs Assessments and Interventions
    • Career Guidance
    • Mentorships, Coaching and On-the-job Training
    • Partnerships & Training with Creative, Best Practice Educationists
    CIDA Empowerment Trust is dedicated to turning the stark realities of African education around through partnerships with organisations and investors dedicated to making a positive difference. Partnering with CIDA Empowerment Trust gives a future of hope to deserving young people throughout South Africa.

    Enhanced Career Support
    The CIDA Empowerment Trust will facilitate fulltime teaching opportunities to bursary recipients in Public schools, preferably in their own communities, on completion of their studies. All our beneficiaries will be required to commit to a certain number of years of teaching in under-resourced schools.

    Investment Impact
    The social and economic benefits of achieving quality education are vast and far reaching. Think economic empowerment, well-functioning individuals, families, and communities; and young people who are positive, productive members of society, with a vision for what the future holds.

    Obtaining a degree in Education, and becoming a motivated teacher, will multiply those benefits, giving rise to an enhanced culture of learning for all young people. Good teachers are the catalyst for inculcating life-long learning in young students, and we at CIDA Empowerment Trust are committed to contributing to this vision.

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